Providing an integrated, people-centered view of customer information

NexJ’s solutions represent the next generation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). To truly know your customer requires creating a comprehensive or holistic view of the customer. This includes profile or demographic information such as name, address, interests and relationships; interaction history with the client – including every letter, phone call, email; as well as the actual business transactions the company has done with the customer.

Next Generation CRM with NexJ Systems

To create this comprehensive customer view, we apply sophisticated virtualization techniques that integrate information from a variety of systems and data sources into an integrated desktop. Applying business intelligence creates a best practices service model to encourage proactive action. Our loyalty program is a good example of a service model that encourages proactive customer touch points at the right time, with the right customer. This ensures that advisors and agents spend the most time with their best customers to increase opportunity and maximize customer value.