Anytime, anywhere access with the flexibility and security enterprises need

Enterprise Private Cloud with NexJ CRM

Cloud computing offers easy adoption, convenient access, and simplified infrastructure management – all things that large enterprises need – but they also need solutions that provide:

  • Seamless integration with existing systems and data
  • Easily tailoring for specific business requirements
  • Performance at scale
  • Security and privacy

NexJ built these capabilities directly into the next generation of cloud computing solutions – enterprise private cloud solutions.

Enterprise private cloud computing provides many of the advantages of a cloud solution – anytime, anywhere access – with the security and flexible integration options of an on-premise solution.

The NexJ Application Framework was developed from the ground up to support the delivery of highly tailored and integrated enterprise CRM applications and components from private and public clouds. NexJ technology represents a disruptive step forward in cloud computing that allows large enterprises to solve existing business problems with a fundamentally improved and more flexible architectural approach.

Our customers have implemented some of the largest private clouds in financial services, insurance, and healthcare.