Technology for highly tailored, integrated enterprise CRM solutions

NexJ Technology provides a platform for rapid development of enterprise applications. Our key differentiator is in our flexible enterprise integration capabilities at all levels of the solution. NexJ integrated desktop and connected wellness solutions provide users with a single, integrated application from which they can access information across multiple enterprise and legacy systems.

Enterprise customers, solution partners, or NexJ Professional Services consultants can use NexJ technology to easily tailor and deploy financial services, insurance, or healthcare solutions that meet specific business requirements and that can be evolved as requirements change over time.

NexJ Differentiators

  • Significant line-of-business Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality for the financial services, insurance, and healthcare industries
  • Fully customizable using NexJ Studio, a rapid application development environment, which is the same tool that NexJ uses to build our solutions
  • Support for flexible integration approaches and techniques with pervasive integration points, so companies can leverage the value in their existing systems
  • Model driven engineering architecture that emphasizes a “leave data at source” technical philosophy
  • Common business model, that enables integrated customer data to be immediately available to every aspect of the solution
  • Highly scalable solutions that deliver consistent performance in high volume, highly complex, integrated environments
  • Web-based portal that provides a superior platform for application integration and seamless user experience
  • Easy to upgrade even when solutions are in highly customized and tightly integrated environments