Save time and make more money with client-centric CRM for financial services

NexJ Contact for Finance is a financial CRM software solution designed to help firms  centralize, streamline, and automate customer-centered processes and gain a better understanding of customers across the enterprise. Financial services firms use NexJ Contact for Finance to gain new clients, drive customer loyalty, attract and retain top talent, and increase assets under management while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

NexJ Contact for Finance combines financial services CRM functionality with information from multiple applications and data stores to provide firms with comprehensive knowledge of the customer. By transforming customer information from a transaction- or account-based view to a people-centered view, large enterprises can better sell to and service their own customers.

NexJ Contact for Finance is tailored to meet line of business requirements for Wealth Management, Private Banking, Commercial & Small Business Banking, and Corporate and Investment Banking. NexJ’s fully abstracted data model and flexible integration capabilities enable organizations to connect customer information from systems across multiple lines of business to maximize cross-sell and referral opportunities and generate cross-bank lift.

Firms use NexJ Contact for Finance as their enterprise financial CRM software and to create an Integrated Advisor Desktop. Financial services firms typically have many applications such as portfolio management, financial planning, and CRM systems that are not aware of each other and have many different data sources. The NexJ Integrated Advisor Desktop quickly and cost effectively delivers a customer-centric view of front, middle, and back-office information and integrates other enterprise data stores and applications within a unified user interface. It combines this information with best-of-breed financial services CRM functionality in a flexible portal container and presents it to users as single, seamless application.

With an Integrated Advisor Desktop, organizations can leverage their enterprise data and applications to drive proactive interactions, superior customer service, and regulatory compliance through the orchestration of key user workflows such as client onboarding, account opening, Know Your Client, and financial planning. This ease of use and access to actionable intelligence ultimately enables organizations to attract and retain top talent with industry-leading solutions that reduce manual intervention, increase the focus on sales, grow assets under management, drive user productivity, and easily support ever-changing regulatory demands.

NexJ’s financial CRM software solutions include essential financial services CRM functionality:

NexJ Contact for Finance is built and deployed using a modern, model-driven engineering framework specifically architected to address the integration, customization, and scalability requirements of large enterprises.