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NexJ Contact for Finance is an enterprise CRM software solution designed specifically for the financial services industry.  It combines industry-specific enterprise CRM functionality with information from multiple applications and data stores to provide financial services firms with comprehensive knowledge of the customer across the enterprise. By transforming customer information from a transaction- or account-based view to a people-centered view, large enterprises can better sell to and service their own customers.

Financial services firms use NexJ Contact for Finance to centralize, streamline, and automate customer-centered processes so firms can gain new clients, drive customer loyalty, attract and retain top talent, and increase assets under management while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

NexJ Contact for Finance is tailored to meet line of business requirements for Wealth Management, Private Banking, Commercial & Small Business Banking, Investment BankingInstitutional Sales and Asset Management. NexJ’s fully abstracted data model and flexible integration capabilities enable organizations to connect customer information from systems across multiple lines of business to maximize cross-sell and referral opportunities and generate cross-bank lift.

CRM functionality for financial services includes:

NexJ Contact for Finance is built and deployed using a modern, model-driven engineering framework specifically architected to address the integration, customization, and scalability requirements of large enterprises.