Next Generation CRM for Financial Services

NexJ Contact for Finance is a financial CRM software solution that delivers best-of-breed financial services CRM functionality. Using NexJ’s innovative financial CRM software, firms can better sell to and service their customers and optimize cross-bank initiatives.

NexJ Contact for Finance integrates customer profile, interaction, and transaction information from across the enterprise to transform a transaction- or account-based view to a people-centered view.

Financial services firms use NexJ Contact for Finance as the basis of an integrated advisor desktop that unifies multiple disparate solutions into a single application. With an integrated advisor desktop, organizations can leverage their enterprise data and applications to orchestrate key user workflows such as client onboarding, account opening, KYC, and financial planning. NexJ Contact for Finance provides the CRM tools advisors, relationship managers, contact center agents, and support teams need to streamline their day-to-day tasks, reduce their administrative burden, and grow their business. This ease of use and access to actionable intelligence ultimately enables organizations to deliver a superior customer experience, grow assets under management, drive user productivity, and easily support ever-changing regulatory demands.

The world’s leading firms use NexJ’s financial services CRM solutions to drive organic revenue through referrals, attract and retain top talent, attract new clients, drive customer loyalty, and increase assets under management. Advisors and relationship managers can save time and make more money with NexJ Contact for Finance by leveraging automated business processes such as client onboarding and Know Your Client, managing relationships more effectively, and rolling out marketing programs to targeted customers to drive cross-sell and up-sell.

NexJ’s enterprise financial services CRM and integrated desktops are designed to address the specific needs of financial markets including:

Wells Fargo: Customer Success Story

Learn why Wells Fargo Advisors selected NexJ Systems’ financial CRM software after an extensive due diligence process comparing all the leading enterprise CRM vendors to deliver on their visio

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Wells Fargo Advisors Case Study
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